Friday, July 9, 2010

Octopus Paul Allen ,World Cup Finals, 2010

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Octopus Paul Allen and World Cup Predictions

Paul Allen, the Octopus has become so popular that since Spain defeated Germany, Paul has become the center of attention and the talking point of every social network now as if it were a renowned celeb . It is considered to be a Psychic Octopus anyway.
According to Paul Octopus’s prediction, Spain will come in the final match of the World Cup football. After this forecast, German fans are looking upset.
Paul Octopus was kept in Oberhausen’s water organism school of West Germany.

It is reported that whatever "Paul Octopus" predicted during World Cup 2010 has proven to be accurate
Paul the Octopus says Spain will win the World Cup final on Sunday.
Well, the psychic octopus has a perfect record so far, but it has only predicted Germany’s games.

The psychic octopus has chosen to get the mussel in the box having the Spanish flag on it, not the one with the Netherlands national flag on it.
According to the psychic sea creature with eight tentacles, it means that Spain will be the happy winner team at the end of the final.
The Oberhausen octopus has already predicted 6 out of 6 results perfect at the World Cup 2010, especially when it predicted correctly Germany’s defeat against Argentina, it has caused the biggest upset
Everyone is waiting for his predicting the winner of Fifa Finals World Cup 2010. Octopus Football Facts are very accurate and Octopus Paul Allen is getting more and more famous for his true predictions.
However, weird to say, these games only involved Germany.We are eager to see if it does well predicting games not involving Germany, for the sake of variety. Just wait 'n' see.

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